Works in chronological order

A Screw fell to the Ground (2019) for violin, violoncello, and piano

La Fosa (2018-2019), chamber opera (three singers, pierrot, tape, and lights)

Rehearsal (omaggio a Ablinger, 2018) for chamber ensemble, conductor, lights, and tape

Phaino (2017) for bass clarinet, contrabass, piano, and tape

Ruinas Circulares (2017), for baritone saxophone and tape

Antigone/Automaton (2017), for two flutes

Revoltijo (homenaje a S.Revueltas, 2017), for string quartet (with cell phones)

Kuklos (2016) for flute, clarinet, and piano

Logodia (2016), for violin and piano

Orphede (2016), for electric guitar, two synths, percusion, voice, and tape

Xoboli (2016), for violin, cello and piano

Asphodelos (2016), for string quartet

Moirai (2015), for violin and tape

Synthesis (2014), for string quartet, piano, percussion and tape

Karkinos (2013), for violin, Bb clarinet and tape

Sappho (2013), for soprano/oboe and chamber ensemble

Omaggio a Ligeti (2012), for small chamber ensemble

Urbanotonías (2012), for mixed ensemble

The Carnot Engine (2009), for string quartet